So much sky…

So much sky

On my first visit to Iceland, a few years ago, I was memorised by the sheer size of the sky. I stepped off the plane and couldn’t stop looking upwards. From horizon to horizon was a blue grey expanse. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and even amongst the glaciers, the blue lagoon and the waterfalls, it was one of the most memorable things I experienced on that trip.

My current job involves a lot of driving, well I say driving, but what I mean is crawling along on one of the worse motorways in the UK. Last week I was travelling over the same bridge that I’d travelled over hundreds of times before, when I happened to glance upwards and there it was…the same sky.

It stopped me in my tracks as I realised that not once on all my commutes had I noticed it. Every day I’d drove back and forth over the same stretch of road and not once had I really seen it. The same sky stretched from horizon to horizon. I’d been oblivious to the wonder of nature above me, as I’d been too busy living in my mind and not noticing the world around me.

Look up people, look up.

Love & light, The Happy Bee x

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